Friday, May 27, 2011

8.2 Nigel

The signalman, whose name was Nigel, was unable to stop his eyebrows from creasing up his forehead.
Not for the fact that he had opened the door of his hut to a large ginger cat.
Not for the fact that Miles was back so soon after…
Not for that fact that his music was echoing through the woods, (can’t believe nobody’s complained to the management about that); but for the fact that there were not one but two rather sorry looking specimens looking at him as if he was gonna be able to explain anything to them.
“Nigel,” said Cajones, “Meet Atom and Number three.”
The one in the oversized policeman’s’ raincoat (the raincoat was oversized, not the policeman… although…) the one in the raincoat grinned.
The one in the loincloth said “Hey Nigel”
“Jesus” said Nigel, “We gotta get you guys some clothes; you look pathetic. I’ve gotta wonder how you two managed to get out of Nullenvoid. Which one’s which?”
“erm, I’m Atom,” said raincoat, grinning even wider at the mention of clothes.
No.3 gave a smile that smelled of charm.
“Come on in then but don’t touch anything, I don’t need anymore downtime; they take it out of my pay.”


Harlequin said...

... but don't touch anything.... nice touch.
i love the quirky ambiguities here.... and i'm liking the twists and turns our protagonists are taking...

Confessions of a Temporal Lobe said...

What Harlequin said holds true for me too.

Pisces Iscariot said...

Twists and turns - where will it all end? :]