Friday, May 06, 2011

∞.7a The Signalman's Blues

It’s not like I enjoy this sort of thing, I could be doing something a bit more exciting…
They pay good money though; not enough to stop having to work, but enough to get all things you need to be a happy camper.
I’ve been sitting here for days keeping an eye on all these algorithms; these adjustables with broken buttons; these reality satellites… and I can tell you it gets pretty fucking tedious sometimes.
I’ve just had Miles around talking bullshit about the inside of his head… if ever there was a man who you could say “he’s out of his head”, Miles is that man. Took me ages to find a gap in his monologue (I swear he breaths through his ears), a gap big enough to slide a word in and in the end I upset him again by yelling “SHUT UP MILES”
I do feel bad now but, fucking hell, the guy’s a time-eater and monitoring algorithms is infinitely more stimulating than listening to Miles eat away the minutes.

Forest ~ Dan Hillier


Harlequin said...

loved the title. signalman has a wonderfully candid, if a little jaundiced, perspective. i also liked the well placed fuck words... sometimes i can read that word and it feels gratuitous( never here, mind you) and sometimes( like here, in your posts) it reads just right.

Pisces Iscariot said...

Harlequin: The signalman is trying to do his job as best he can - Miles is a fucking irritant. :D

Yodood said...

I just reminded Miles what happens to silence when he comes round. He keeps on going by now.