Friday, June 17, 2011

∞.8a Mad Scientist's Notebook

It's difficult to quantify the mixed feelings inspired by success. Especially for success that is hard won.
It is so seldom that we manage to meet the entry-level requirements for our product to be accepted into the machine that I often forget what it feels like to succeed.
Hopefully Nigel will have enough tech at his disposal to be able to track our little atom for as long as possible inside the machine. Feedback of that calibre is invaluable to the tweaking process.
It is easy to understand how my predecessors sometimes fell into delusions of deity, failing to perceive their own place in the machine that does nothing but notch up days on the progress chart by which we measure success.

The Opium Eater ~ N.C.Wyeth


Harlequin said...

as long as nigel is not an opium eater.... of course, losing track of something as small as atom is one of those things that can be seen as totally excuse-able, with or without the excuse of being stoned out of one's mind, or otherwise distracted. how frighteningly easy it can be for something or someone to become disposable and forgettable.

aisha said...

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Pisces Iscariot said...

Harlequin: I think Nigel is just some techy guy trying to do what is asked of him without incurring the attention of the PTB - a worker; a drone :)

aisha: your advert will remain only because you made an attempt to make a coherent (if irrelivant) comment.

Tom said...

ha, i am beginning to understand that there may be in fact something to understand.
aisha seems hot to me.

Pisces Iscariot said...

Tom: of course there is - you didn't think I was just rambling on did you? :D
aisha's a bike ;]