Monday, October 17, 2011

Gordian Knot

Surprisingly, I have reasonably good relationship with Word’s spelling & grammar checker.
I have it running live, so to speak, so it highlights any perceived errors I might make as I make them.
But I absolutely hate the rest of it – honestly I am more comfortable creating a page in html that I am in Word; dunno what that says about me; perhaps that I will never be a real writer, as in one of those hallowed few who get their names put up on the shelf of a bookshop.
Does this disappoint me?
Yes, but it is all a question of the expectations I have be conditioned to hold.
Perhaps I should feel privileged to be living on the crest of humanity’s wave of progress but I don’t.
Perhaps in less progressive times my name would have rested on those shelves, perhaps not – who cares?
In a recent comments ‘conversation’ with Letitia Coyne, I stated that I have come to terms with obscurity; perhaps I should have said “I am coming to terms with obscurity” since I’m still not sure how I feel about that.
All of this is made foolish by my apparent belief that I am any good at this writing lark; a position I am in no position to defend without the recognition promised by my conditioned expectations.

I am an artist, and I have no guilt,
~ with apologies to Patti Smith


Harlequin said...

please continue to come to terms with whatever it is that keeps you writing. i look forward to your brilliant,imaginative, insightful, quirky and edgy work.... it's always a treat.

Garth said...

Harlequin: stopping does not seem to be an option - I get all sulky when I'm not doing this thang

Letitia Coyne said...

I'm very pleased to hear you will carry on. Perhaps you will outlast the fashion. A bookstore owner who is selling up said recently that he now has more people trying to sell him books than trying to buy.

Market forces might be helpful after all.


Garth said...

Letitia: Market forces... don't even want to think about them ;]

Yodood said...

It helps me to realize all the folks out there writing as well about subjects as interesting to themselves as my writing is to me who I will never read. I learned a long time ago with my graphic art that if you are looking at the work at hand through the eyes of the buyer you are no longer expressing yourself — smooching arse for appreciation. This piece of yours reminds me the same is true of writing if the quantity of readership edges out the quality of the expression. You have more faithful readers than even knew Vincent Van Gogh existed during his lifetime.

Garth said...

Yodood: I like your perspective - thanks for the support bud.