Monday, November 28, 2011

Canary Warp

Had he but the temperament
This dreamtime to conform
Would he walk the barricades
In starched black uniform?

Had he but the tall plumed hat
To Tower above us yet
Would he give your matches back
Or light your cigarette?

Had he but the shiny shoes
To reflect his power dreams
Would he dust your un-dunked doughnuts down
With powder-finger schemes?

Had he but that showman’s smile
To dazzle and amaze
Would he pick your wallet clean
With wicked eyes ablaze?

Had he but the balls of steel
Required to face it straight
He’d reacquaint these dictionaries
With what it means to educate


Courtney said...

inspired :-)

Harnett-Hargrove said...

ah, beware the wolf. -J

(Hey, these look like old Cezar masks!)

Confessions of a Temporal Lobe said...

I were here.
Killer verses!

Garth said...

Thanks for the visits folks - apologies for low attendance on my part