Saturday, November 19, 2011

Children In Deed

Are we all trapped within these adult bodies?
There is an element of panic to my thoughts
Feeling like a prisoner in an asylum
Of Peter Pan Syndrome sufferers
Not that they, oblivious, suffer
But inflict their childhoods on those around them
And claim their bodies’ adult immunity
From contradiction from contra-dictation
With hand-me-down prejudices
And top-of-the-range ignorance packages


Tom said...

ignorance is bliss?
i suppose it's all an act

Mr. Charleston said...

Dr. Charleston prescribes Jimmy Buffett... I'm growing older but not up, my metabolic rate is pleasantly stuck. Let the winds of time blow over my head, I'd rather die while I'm living than live when I'm dead.

designing wally said...

Children in the marketplace saying, "We sang a song for you, but you did not dance; We sang a dirge for you, but you did not cry."

So is it with this generation...

So be it.

Garth said...

DW: it's not this generation that I worry about, but my own.
My fellow around-fifty-year-olds do seem to suffer from self-admiration.

Mr C. - I have no problem with keeping a young mind - I get really pissed off with my fellow worker who believes that the minutae of his life (past & present) is fit for human consumption - ha!

Tom: Ignorance is not bliss for those forced to share space with the ignorant.

This piece was ostensibly about a work colleague but ended up blending in nicely with the Chugger event of the year. Please give generously.

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