Saturday, January 21, 2012

View from the Treetops (21 Jan '12)

Abre los ojos

If I were a praying mantis
I would pray for the violent overthrow of your gambling rooms
For the dismantling of your corrupt cabinets
Screw by privileged screw

If I was a man of action
A soldier of misfortune
I would storm the ramparts of your stolen property
Lay waste to the mirror that warps your perception
Decapitate your self-importance
And your defences I’d melt for ploughshare
To till this fallow wasteland

If I had a heart I may find room for compassion
For those you have drugged into submission
For the masses cocooned self-indulgent
Who are oblivious of the world around them
Concentrated on instant gratification
Fingers up their noses
Reeking of coffee and the futility of their toys

If I was an optimist
I would see the future void of gambling rooms
Walk in gardens once the ramparts of stolen properly
Amongst people un-drugged by un-fulfilable promises
And capital gain dream-nightmares
But I would still remember to keep my eyes wide open


Battles ~ Atlas


Harlequin said...

screw by privileged screw.
now that is brilliant.
loved loved loved this poem.

Garth said...

Thanks Harlequin - the result of frustrated anger overspill - hopefully not too bitter ;]