Sunday, April 22, 2012

Straight & Narrow

Devlin ran the centreline. Everyone said this was the best way to do it; that anything else was gonna be more risky, would have less chance of success,
Devlin ran the centreline. It was a groove that supported his body in the upright position; it was warm and straight; it was smooth.
Devlin ran the centreline and the world ran alongside him, unoffended.
Devlin closed his eyes and fell asleep while the centreline carried him in its groove.


Mr. Charleston said...

The centreline groove is smooth until you hit a staple.

Harlequin said...

the images and the title on the cover.... wonderful; your "recto/verso", nice touch; the risk, switch and carry... especially who/what is carrying who/what... this is a classic garth creation.
i bow to your imagination extraordinaire.

yodoodz said...

Another evocative one my friend.

Water follows the path of least resistance impelled by the most irresistible attraction. Dozing Devlin's puddle/groove is contentedly stagnant with no curiosity to forge a path to the bottom of it all.