Monday, July 09, 2012

New Adventures in Health & Safety

penumbra . 27

“Hi...Hello Leviathan”
Ivan sits up so fast that he dislodges himself from the control chair where he has been slouching for too long.
“Can you hear me?”
The voice is a gruff whisper in front of a wall of static.
“Ivan, we are receiving audio from an unregistered source – calculated distance to the transmitter is within a radius of 200 metres.”
Ivan checks the Leviathan’s dimensions from the drawing on the screen: her body is 97 metres long – the OLS is 175 metres long.
After searching the console in front of him he flips a switch to allow open communications.
“Who are you?” he asks the airwaves.
“Hello Leviathan. Can you hear me?”
“Can you fine tune this Trinny?”
“Ivan, I don’t have permission to open communications with an unregistered source”
“Trinny, somebody must be awake in the hold – I need to speak to them.”
“Ivan, no one is awake in the hold: all diagnostics indicate systems normal.”
Ivan clenches his jaw and forces himself to breath normally.
“In that case Trinny, somebody is awake outside, possibly on or in the OLS; I need open communications for reasons of Mission Safety – check you fucking regulations and open communications.”
“Ivan, specify Mission Safety clause”
“If someone is in the OLS they could jeopardise system integrity – one spark and we will be vaporised in the explosion.”

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Harlequin said...

great stuff.....

i'd say being vaporized trumps the fucking regulations any day.
but, ya never know...

Garth said...

Harlequin: How would this species survive without Health & Safety?