Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Ships that Pass in the Night

I fear I may have reached my own personal level of incompetence
Said Sandoval to his confessor
And I must confess to being quite happy about that.

What’s to fear?
Said The Confessor
What is fear But the broken-down components of insecurity: food, shelter, entertainment...
What you fear, he continued, is the loss of the need to learn; what you fear is death, or boredom.

Same thing
Said Sandoval
But who said anything about fear?

You did
Said The Confessor

I said I’ve reached my own level of incompetence
Said Sandoval

I fear you may be correct
Said The Confessor

Tales for the attention-span deficit reader


MissMiriam said...

This is one of my favorite representations of the zodiac Leo, my sign.

Letitia Coyne said...

LURVE!! this one.

yodoodz said...

The clang of Iron gate closing the mind to further questions held fast by the illusion of "seen-it-all".

Garth said...

MissMiriam: oops - I didn't even notice the zodiac symbol :/ Pisces

Letitia: :D

Dood: or a mind too lazy to put up a fight :]

Harlequin said...

gemini-- explains a lot :)

great stuff, in this one. the interaction and the sparring, the last word...
quite enjoyable!

yodoodz said...

Is there a difference?

Garth said...

Harlequin: the last word: always popular :)

Dood: probably not :)