Saturday, August 11, 2012

There's Someone at the Door, David

This is for the 'poor'; the 'underprivileged'.
Call them single mothers ( a label which elevates some and degrades others in the little league table in our heads )
Call them refugees or asylum seekers.
Call them scroungers (from your narrow little window on the world)
Call them African or Indian (but whisper for fear of it being revealed that you are the children of empire).
Call them late to the party.
Call them teenage pregnancies
Call them lazy.
Call them mentally deficient.
Call them statistics/trends or targets
Call them what you will, but they are the often not-so-silent majority who do not benefit from our wonderful democratic world.
Go call them
The single and the very young mothers
The refugees and scroungers
Call the African and Indians and cowboys too
Call the rioters (go on)
Call the mentally deficient
Call your statistics, milord
Call them to the table so that they might offend thee with their greed.

1 comment:

Harlequin said...

the image and the poem are striking. i really like how you work with motif....

nicely done!