Sunday, September 02, 2012

Cynicism Drives a Hard Bargain

"no link needed here" ~ P.I.

When we look at love we look at all the things we do in our attempts to define it.
We cannot look directly at this fragile and translucent thing since it is libel to break under the weight of our gaze.

When we look at our lives we look at a chalk outline which has been hammered into a shape that fits our respective mythologies.
We cannot look directly at such a delicately balanced illusion since it is libel to dissolve under the light of exposed self delusion.

When we refuse to look at ourselves, to come to terms with this ganglia; this bag of organs, we refuse also to see the beauty in the mere act of being able to look at ourselves.



Très belle composition.


yodoodz said...

Love is fragile when we feel it only from others
Life is an illusion when we exist only in the mirror of others
With out a self to whom these ganglia and bag of organs belong there can only be indifferent others painting them with their own stereotypes like any billboard. Billboards are not self aware.

Garth said...

Roger: merci!

Dood: Bill Board may not be self aware but he's got one hell of an ego.

yodoodz said...

Based on the reputation decorating him, not on needing decoration.

Garth said...

touche :)