Friday, September 28, 2012

Your Country Doesn't Need You

If you consider yourself human
Human in the good sense
Then you would never encourage your children
Or anyone’s children
To join the military
You would discourage any association with the military machine
Don’t work in or around it, its reason for existence is to kill - to remove life from sentient beings.

It used to be common knowledge that the military possesses an idiot mind
Once it ordered its forces into certain death
Gaining ground over corpses
That was back when the world’s armies were foolish enough to all use the same tactics against one another
Since the advent of 'guerrilla' it has been misunderstood that the man with the biggest gun wins
But the bigger the gun the less intelligence is used
Guerrilla warfare works because it is free of rules
The only rule in a guerrilla army is the belief that you are right
There are no winners when everything thing that you touch through military action is tainted by the fact that you are prepared to remove life from a sentient being.
Because you believe that you are right.

If you consider yourself human, a sentient being, then you will never encourage your children to join the military.


"He says to a handful of people in the hope of being heard - because he believes that he is right."