Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Who the Fuck is Amun Dragoon?

This was given to me today – a gift of sorts –
Beautiful, intricate and delicate; this is machine music with a human heart – like portals peeled to reveal a garden made of mechano glass or ice.
Sometimes sub-aural/subliminal, sometimes beyond, it contains music that, at worst, sits alongside William Orbit or (dare I blaspheme) Brian Eno. At best it will blow your mind with its daring originality.
Memory Revoke 059 did just that to me – 5 seconds in and I forgot my personal connection with the artist and, mouth open, marvelled.
There is an obvious Japanese thread that is woven through the whole album , but its execution is less than obvious - perhaps a cultural reversal – a western digested lifetime immersed in Japanese technology – given back in its own language.

Immerse yourself in Unlimited Dream Company let it free in your head.

Amun Dragoon on Soundcloud

Download it Here