Saturday, November 10, 2012

You May Ask Yourself...

What does it benefit society?

Blood is society’s most precious commodity.
It is in our blood to be this or that.
Blood feuds are not the only wars fought over property.
Our blood ties us to our ancestors – them, who like us are just trying to hold onto what we got, these moments stolen from a river of business, work, blood sweat and tears.
Blood in those veins of yellow metal; blood in those reservoirs of oil (a lubricant).

What does it benefit society to witness the inner workings of its own administration; the grinding cogs; the pounding machinery; machinery that by necessity requires lubricating with society’s most precious substance – blood?
Society could not work or continue in this form, could not be herded if its people were fully exposed to their own corruption.
What does it benefit ‘society’?