Monday, April 15, 2013



Thatcher dead
Who gives a shit?
No really...
Media lies media lies
Media lies at the core of this machine
It reaps your votes after feeding you lies
Or at best: half-truths

Arse-kissing DJ’s on BBC6 Music
Basking in reflected glory
Stop talking
And play the music motherfuckers

Thatcher’s dead
Even before I lived here
I knew she was bad news

I grew up under fascists
They’re easy to identify
They give themselves away

Thatcher's death
Is a golden goose for government
Divide and rule?
We’re way beyond that

Half-truths will rule you
You are the cash-cow-crop once cannon–fodder
You are the aphid
Media milked
nourishing power for morons
I give a shit
Thatcher is dead

Jou Ma se moer


Harlequin said...

oh, man, I loved this.
loved it.

Confessions of a Temporal Lobe said...

"Stop talking and play the music motherfuckers". Indeed!

Brilliant as always.