Sunday, September 08, 2013

The Business of Keeping Busy (Martingale)

Episode Six

Approaching a slow corner on the outer edges of Blue52 Atom spies through the nestling trees a run-down looking cottage.
He notices a man’s legs protruding from beneath a rather run-down looking car which is nestled in the narrow aperture which connects the cottage to the road.
“tinka-tinka-tinka-tink” says the man to the underside of the car.
“a-tink-a-tink” echo the mocking trees.
“a-ink” says the house trying half-heartedly to keep up with the joke.
“Hello” says Atom.
“donk” says the man’s head to the underside of the car.
“Can you tell me if this road leads anywhere?” says Atom.
“I’m a little busy at the moment” says the man politely
“Martin” cries a voice from the house.
“donk” underside of the car joins in, belatedly.
“Martin, stop tinkering with that bloody car and come and fix the fridge-thing”
“I’m nearly finished Gale, give me a minute.”
Atom shrugs his narrow shoulders and leaves the corner behind, the grey gravel road bends ahead of his front tyre and around the hillside like smoke from the dragon’s nose.


Harlequin said...

great description.... even without the cool visual, I can see the story unfolding... the sounds actually amplify my sense of the picture. nice segue.... the dragon....

Garth said...

Martingale is a real place I'll have you know - the story is based on actual events :)