Friday, October 25, 2013

In a country where people are rich

Episode Twelve

Photo by P.I.

Atom pedals the Company bicycle away from the cursing horseman, dodges a wet pile of horseshit (it’s unwise to ride through that type of mud) and the field drops away before him as if he’s rising into the sky.
In the valley’s crease below the trees grow green on the back of the stream that runs there unseen.
Beauty is an inadequate word to describe beauty.
Agriculture is a word that sanitises what is commonly called the countryside.
Countryside is a word with deeper meaning than cottages on biscuit tins can describe.
Ownership changes the land, colonises it and turns it to enterprise.
Enterprise need not find its place in the destruction of all that can be achieved by the application of a creative mind.
Enterprise need not be the reaper of a crop grown from the seeds of greed.

See Mad Scientist’s Notebook (Entry No 1.5)


Anonymous said...

"Countryside is a word with deeper meaning than cottages on biscuit tins can describe".

On google earth you can see the sign for infinity trodden into the red dirt of Oklahoma. It took me years on the back of a horse to carve that into the red dirt.

Google earth Draper Lake Moore Oklahoma look for the water plant. The infinity sign is near there.

I had forgotten all about that until I read this here post o yorn.

Atom is a sight for certain.
Lobe were here.

Harlequin said...

line I felt the most:the field drops away before him as if he's rising to the sky..... wow.

and the wet pile of horseshit was a nice touch, as was the biscuit tin.
you have quite an agile mind, methinks.

Garth said...

Lobi: I presume you created the symbol for aliens to see :)
I'm gonna have to reinstall google earth cos it doesn't show up on maps

Harlequin: mental gymnastics... mental health?

Anonymous said...

Located between S Douglas and Midwest Blvd off a dirt road on 119th near Midwest Blvd corner. Follow dirt road down to Picasso looking figure, in the bottom half of the figure below what looks like a narrow waist, you'll see my infinity. I licked a lot of wounds on that spot of ground. I trained cattle cutting horses there. Nothing like going in circles with a purpose. Heh... artsmovi were my word to prove I be human.

Garth said...

Lobi: Found it!
Now that's what I call making a mark on the world :)