Monday, January 13, 2014

You Turn

Episode Twenty

Tangerine Dream ~ Jacek Yerka

Passing through the line of trees Atom is struck by silence. Apart from the crackle of Company bicycle wheels on fallen leaves and twigs; silence.
The silence of trees that live in a different time frame.
A silence that perceives the passing of other, apparently, more sentient beings in an almost invisible blur.
On the other side of the trees is a freshly raked field of yellow sand.
A field of un-Zen-like solicitude where each raked groove makes no attempt to delay its perfectly delineated rush toward the horizon’s convergence, there to meet the inevitable fate of all parallel lines.
Atom’s experiences a nauseating déjà vu; he pictures a signalman’s hut and tastes blood in his mouth.
Two black dots appear slightly below the horizon and along with their expanding form bring the sound of barking.
Atom feels the pangs of irrational panic.
He’s not afraid but his body wants to run away.
He doesn’t run, he pedals like fuck.
Back through the trees.
Passes the laughing Magpie.
Negotiates an uneasy grapple with the gate’s wire hoop and heads back the way he came.


Anonymous said...

"Peddles like fuck"

Know the feeling well.
Atom amuses the hell out of me.
I were here.

Garth said...

Peddling like fuck is the better part of valour :)
Nice to see you Lobe.

Anonymous said...

Got a song for you.
It tells the story of "seven feathers". I think you can appreciate the beauty of it's message. It's on Rhapsody.

Band: Medicine For The People
C.D: Dark Horse
Track 8: 7 Feathers

And always nice to hear from you...

Anonymous said...

Shit... Make that: Nahko and Medicine For The People.

Garth said...

Fanx Lobe, I'll check it out