Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Sharpened Knives for Forked Tongues

Episode Twenty Three

It is important to remember that Atom possesses little of what is known as common sense, let alone common knowledge.
It is common knowledge that in order to become a policeman one needs to be predisposed to violence. The manner and subtlety by which that violence is employed is what separates good cop from bad cop.
It is a common misconception that the police force is tasked with serving the common good.
A cursory glance at the history books will show that the police force was created to protect the interests of the PTB[1]

Once enrolled in the force it is very difficult for a policeman (or woman) to socialise with anyone outside of the force since the wall of distrust that is constructed is done so from both sides.
A prison constructed from within/A protective barrier created from without.
It is common sense never to marry a policeman, unless you are a policewoman.

[1] The powers that be.

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