Monday, April 28, 2014

The Birth of Personal History

Episode Two

And what does a man learn from his empty husk?
What does he learn from his shed skin?
Are we all the same when stripped of our illusions?
Atom is about learn that he is a child; a child trapped in a man’s body, unable to see himself as he is reported to appear, but having to accept that ‘who he is’ is defined by the perspective of the observer; the punisher; the teacher; the naked old man; the friend (should such a thing exist).
More importantly; he will learn that that the authority that he, in his innocence, felt compelled to question does not always take kindly to being questioned; especially by the innocent.
For the moment, as he fades out of pain and into the welcome arms of unconsciousness, Atom learns that his mind and his body are connected by a rope bridge that spans the chasm forged in the genetic crucible of his birth.
And thus we follow our little creature into the whispered confines of L.I.E.S. from which the Company intends to release a reformed and wholly rounded person; one capable of obedience to and compliance with the rules.

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