Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Track-Changing Levers

Episode Five

German Industrialist Alfried Krupp (1963) ~ Arnold Newman

The world is filled with signs; signs both overt and sublime; signs of a general nature that apply to the management of society; signs ingrained on the psyche by personal experience; signs of the times and signs of decay; signs to be read on the wind and signs that are heard in the head; stop signs; shop signs; over-the-top signs; signs of life; signs that should not be ignored; signs that glow in the headlights of paranoia.
Signs that can only be read with the benefit of a good education.
“You seem to think that all of this,” Pinky floats his right hand out to the side, palm open, encompassing the world, “is here for your benefit.” He coughs into his hand politely, “You are not the centre of the universe Adam, you’re just one man.”
“Don’t be a smart-arse” Pinky stands and opens the door behind him.
“Take him back to the chamber,” he says to person or persons unseen, “We’ll begin the induction tomorrow in earnest.”
“Bub my mame ivvint Ermift, ifs Aphom…uurfff!”
“Tomorrow” Pinky returns his balled fists to his jacket pockets as he leaves the room.

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