Sunday, May 11, 2014

Walking through walls is an inexact science

Episode Four

Europa ~ Jacek Yerka

<<Rewind Five Months and 20 Days<<
“I think that it’s important,” says the man in front of Atom, “to clarify a deeply pertinent fact.”
The man’s name is Pinky DeRailleur and he has assured Atom that he is a friend.
“Call me Pinky, nobody pronounces DeRailleur properly anyway.”
“Yes, very good Adam, Derailleur: like the mechanism on your bicycle that moves the chain from one gear to the next”
“Mah Pumpanee bipical hafint got en-ee beers”
“Yes, I know,” Says Pinky, “the bicycle that you were issued with was an idée fixe, but believe me, if you need to change track, a Derailleur is what you need”
He opens the folder on the table, “Enough about me...” he pretends to read what is detailed there.
He raises one eyebrow.
Atom wonders if the pain in his own eyebrows will ever just go away. Not to mention the roadmap of discomfort being experienced as his body wanders between the throbbing suburbs of Ache and the pulsating platforms of Pain Central where the trains arrive and leave in a constant white screech of steel on steel.
“Stay with me Adam” clicking fingers to focus on.
“The pertinent fact that I wish to clarify,” says Pinky with the serious and, so he would have himself believe, compassionate expression, “is that the Company has invested a large amount of money in you.”
Liquid roils in Atom’s chest as he coughs.
“And I’m not just talking about the expense of feeding, housing and entertaining you,” Pinky holds up his right hand and rubs invisible banknotes between his thumb and fingers, “the fees paid to Lazarus Inc for the purchase of your – shall we call them services - add up to a tidy sum I can assure you.”
“bot dideye doo?” Atom dribbles red onto the table.
“You should count yourself lucky,” Pinky chooses to ignore the question, “that the Company had you under surveillance - for your own safety.”
“Fervaylens? Ffafftee?”
“No, safety. If this had not been the case we may not have got to you in time; you should realise that not all of the agencies are entirely within the Company’s sphere of influence.”
“Ffear of imffflooenz?-ah!” If Atom hadn’t known that Pinky was a friend he would have sworn blind that he’d just been punched in the ribs.
Pinky says “As my mother used to say: if you don’t have anything to say then shut your fucking mouth”

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