Sunday, May 04, 2014

Welcome to an Occupation

Episode Three

La loi du marché ~ Gewll

>>Fast-Forward Six Months>>

In the front row seats of the auditorium the trained seals fidget with masturbatory corporate anticipation while behind them the greater body of dispensable and interchangeable parts murmurs with the anxious novelty of a workforce away from its normal routine.
Atom sits at the rear where his colleagues, being considerate to his recent ‘difficulties’, leave a no-man’s-land of seats on either side of him.
“Tim and I would firstly just like to welcome you, the Team, to this, our 3rd Town Hall Meeting on the completion of 5th quarter of the Project Calendar”
The Company Director has removed his Company tie and rolled his Company sleeves up as far as mid-forearm in a gesture he presumes sends out a strong message of solidarity with the work-force.
His superiority, however, is not in question.
Atom imagines that such a man is surely born into power and is therefore entitled to the greatest respect from the Team; and in imagining so he misses the next group of words that tumble from the Directors entertainingly superior smile.
Realising that there may be test later, Atom forces himself to concentrate.
“... to express our gratitude for all of your expeditious efforts in achieving some vertically challenging milestones and we are confident that you, the Team, will continue to give of your valuable expertise in the pursuit of a timely closure for this prestigious project going forward.”
While attempting to arrange these words into something he can understand, Atom realises he is holding his breath and lets out a silent and deeply controlled sigh.
His mind empties along with his lungs.
His ribs still ache.
The Company Director spreads his arms wide to encompass the room; he imagines himself on a giant screen and is pleased with what his imagination has painted there.
“Team! I want you to give yourselves a well-deserved round of applause

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