Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Pinky’s Dream (I could’ve been Raskolnikov)

Episode Eight

Still from Bela Tarr's Turin Horse

A man’s work is not always a matter of choice; some are called while some are merely washed into the shore by the current of their lives. Of those that are called to violence by psychological damage or genetic predetermination, not all are comfortable with their professionalism. Some seek to justify their negative image with ideology; some merely suppress the negative, while others bask in the glory of their cruelty.
Pinky chooses to believe that his career in the Long-term Induction & Education Section and the personal sacrifices required in the performance of his duties there serve not only the greater good but the advancement too of his own personal integrity.
Mother Nature has other ideas.
Pinky runs through the dark and empty corridors of the L.I.E.S. complex flicking at light switches, none of which serve to illuminate the source of his anxiety. He can feel his anxiety tipping into terror with every faulty switch; the black horses of his dread amass, threatening to overwhelm him with their white-rimmed panic eyes.

See Mad Scientist’s Notebook (Entry No 2.2)


Anonymous said...

Beyond fabulous! Is this part of a book you have in print? If so, direction to purchase. Please, and thanks.
Lobe were here.

Garth said...

Hi Lobe!
This story is called Samewhere Else and is only available online for FREE! (sorry)
If you wish to start from the beginning
Follow this link to the index page for part 1 and then the link at the bottom of Index 1 to Index for part 2 (in progress)
Samewhere Else
The story actually begins (if you wish to go way back) With An Atom in Unwonderland#
Hope you enjoy :)