Friday, August 21, 2015

View from the Treetops ~ 21 Aug 15

And I think to myself...

Cuntchester ~ Pisces Iscariot

...what a wonderful world.


Kick out the Jams

This is either a tiny contribution to the anti-capitalist ethos or evidence of a frugal protestant state of mind (Perhaps there is little difference).
I don’t remember them when they were new, don’t remember buying then, it’s quite possible they were a gift from M - she does that sort of thing.
Somewhere along the line they became functional, used not as a fashion statement (if that’s what they ever were) but as working-around-the-house shoes.
Sometime later their duties came to include summer cycling, and they never complained about the added burden.
If I’m not mistaken, while continuing to perform their working-around-the-house duties, they have survived three summers of cycling pleasure.
Some days ago I came to realise that wearing them was only a small step from going barefoot so today I got me some new ones.
Farewell old friends, you’ve lived a good life.


Leftfield ~ Little Fish


Harlequin said...

diving into an inner landscape that keeps on becoming...
I look inside and feel myself observed....
an eerie and uncanny and quite amazing experience.

Harlequin said...

btw-- loved the ode to the shoes and that freaky poster.... as well.