Friday, February 24, 2017

Eat The Rich

Episode Three

“The government… the system has become… abstract.
We are no longer required to believe that they know what they are doing.
Abstract: the whole governmental level of society lives in a parallel and fairy tale world, a world that cannot be sustained without the consent of the worker bees in our world.
We are indeed the Morlocks.
But it doesn’t end there, there is yet another parallel world which relies on the fairy tale world to feed and maintain its existence. This is the world of power, greed, excess and mass murder.”
P.Norodnik – Thug Culture (N.O.W. Issue #3)

Atom once said he thought it was all about Real Estate – “Consider the trees,” he said (He sometimes manifest a minor messiah complex) “their success at spreading their seed is measured on how far they can throw it or have it transported to new ground. Since Real Estate is, for any given tree, finite, success carries with it the seeds of failure; in the end it will be his offspring that encroach to strangle his patch of sunlight.”
I can quote that verbatim since I wrote it down at the time; I remember the little crowd looking bemused, as if waiting for the punchline.
I got it though, but I knew that we are not trees (more’s the pity), that Real Estate was only part of how we ended up where we were.
Greed, selfish protection of ‘the air that’s mine’, perverted patriotism (is there any other kind?), loss of vision, anything for an easy life.
Easy; we had a real problem with Easy – we had been duped into believing that those things that made the process easier were good things – more than that: easy was the goal we should all aim for.
Since the Industrial Revolution, we had been sold the dream of automation; the dream of a population at leisure.
Reality is such a dream-fucker.
Those of us who had read Wells’ Time Machine were perhaps surprised to find that all those years later we had become the Morlocks – there to service the leisure needs of the Elite Eloi. There to make things easier for them.
In those days you could be arrested for anything: looking dangerous, talking out, texting while wearing a polo shirt.
It was becoming more and more easy to see that we were not all created equal.
Call it what you want: Capitalism, Neoliberalism, the law of the market, the natural order of things, the system had led us to the point where more and more of us were becoming aware that easy wasn’t working at all any more, it seemed to us that the tide was turning and we were gonna have to rise with it.
H.G. Wells being almost certainly a member of the 19th century Aloi himself, is interpreted as imagining the Morlocks as low class brutes, reduced to the baser traits of mankind while the Aloi were cultured, gentle creatures elevated to the higher (good) characteristic of mankind.
It now seemed that perhaps Wells did have deeper insight into the mechanisation of the world, perhaps those dark, post-industrial revolution nights planted a seed in his mind that he had not the experience to interpret; perhaps the Morlocks were the oppressed and the Aloi the oppressor.
And here we were, 21st century Morlocks, feeding the thieving elite by making ourselves easily consumed, or easy consumers – easy money, easy credit, easy access, easily led, easily fed with zero nourishing bullshit, easier than 123, easy as falling off your bike.


Tom said...

is this the beginning of the end, or will the masses of morlocks rise from the detritus of ignorance? Only the survivors can answer that, I suppose

Harlequin said...

phrase I loved: feeding the thieving elite....

great commentary; and a wonderful reflection on Wells.