Saturday, February 04, 2017

Something Whacked This Way Comes

For those of you who were gripped by the adventures of Atom in Unwonderland (aka Lazarus Inc.) and followed his onward journey in a Reality called Same Where Else where we left him, re-trained, a little drunk, unable and unwilling to draw his eyes away from the apparition named Phoebe.

Atom is back (well kinda) in Samewhere Else Part 3 ~ As Far as I Can See
Catch up with some old friends (and perhaps some new ones) as we find out what they did during the revolution.

For those of you lucky enough to have missed the beginning, middle and… middle of this story please follow the links below.
Apologies to those wishing to buy the archived versions, these stories are only available completely FREE.

An Atom in Unwonderland
Same Where Else Pt.1 ~ Wreck Creation
Same Where Else Pt.2 ~ The Hard Cell

Part 3 will begin as soon as Pisces and his little helpers can remember how to load the words n pictures onto the virtual pages of the Far Queue.

Menu page art is, as usual, by my blogger friend Gewll whose thought-provoking art (and craft) can be found on Du côté des méduses

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glad you are bringing the adventurous little fella back.