Friday, March 10, 2017

Leave Nothing But Tracks

Episode Five

Les petits métiers - Le travail du chapeau ~ Gewll

Tanks roll down the country lanes
Where uniformed children wait
At their fathers’ executive gate
Statuettes woven from privilege

Atomisms (N.O.W. Issue #1)

The Pointing Finger didn’t really get anywhere until we got Jimmy Mac.
That which constituted the revolution in those early days was the usual mess of bickering factions
going nowhere and undoubtedly disregarded by those on listening duty; laughing at our revolutionary bullshit.
Gender politics, the fear of offence, our tongues twisted by the fact that we were performing that hackneyed revolutionary meme.
Office workers with minimal actual skill besides moving paper about and raiding stationary cupboards.
Jimmy Mac definitely had skills though, and some of us figured we might as well use them and just see what happens. Atom (who was still Adam in those days) knew him from before; he said Cajones (as Jimmy liked to be known) had got him through a lot of shit back in the day.
I never got the ‘Cajones’ thing myself; he was a tall skinny red-bearded shit-stirrer who never got over the fact that the system had us all tied down to mediocrity.
Shit-stirrer or not, it was him who set up the link-page that got us noticed, got us off the ground; Jimmy launched “Can’t See the Wood”; a key in our efforts to getting our ideas out there; more importantly, he was there when the noose was tightening around my neck.
Suffice it to say that that cat has my blessing to call himself whatever he wants.

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Harlequin said...

Great prose...
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wonderful stuff, this. So glad you are putting it up here...