Wednesday, May 03, 2017

God is in the Wires

The walls around him bristle with countermeasures; his focus flits amongst their myriad; their filaments touch-sensitive to the defining vibrations of each and every one of the heaving connected mass whose utterance of a sensitive word or reference to a dangerous subject might deem them worthy of his attention. It takes more than a mere memory course in self-belief to summon up the armour required to perform tasks that, by some, could be construed as god-like in their effect on the lives of the herd.
Losses, when totalled and categorised into matrices of targets met against opportunities missed, can often appear onerous to the unskilled eye, but to those whose god decrees that their path is true, the execution of these acts is worn as a mantle of divine duty.

Tales for the attention deficit reader

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Harlequin said...

... the mantle of divine duty. Great line.
marvelous image. the little sticks propping up the whole thing.