Monday, July 10, 2017

Life is a Journey from Flight to Landing

Spending time in airports is perhaps the most wasteful of activities.
There is a thin veneer of civility about the whole process, especially for those who are there for reasons other than the joy of holiday flying.
My companion has a very restricted view of the world, a view that is primarily ego driven. He accepts the brittle crust of the accepted view without question. In fact he is a man of many words but very few questions.
And yet his humour, that which makes people laugh, is incisive.
To this extent he is the perfect Tory voter: blind to facts and unwilling to ask “why” to the man, the boss, the fuckers that're limiting artistic potential of every one of us.
Where is the freedom?
The freedom to become a mechanic who knows more than just how to change tyres; the manufacturer who takes pride in his product (rather than his pocket); the broken man who receives care and considerate assistance to recover himself.
The Tories, right now, seem a to believe that they still have enough… goodwill amongst the populace to be able to sneer at us and tell us “no” and we won't complain, cause we don't want to pay more tax do we? And everybody knows that labour will have to raise taxes in order to fulfil their obligation to clean this fucking country up; to wipe the coke laced champagne vomit from the streets of “the city”; to drag us kicking and screaming back into a society that was once on course to become.
To become all that is good about people when they are content to treat one another with respect.
So the Tories think they've brainwashed enough people like my companion here in this shitty airport to continue with their masterplan: the’ve just about finished stealing all the furniture and services from the house, they've removed large sections of the roof, undermined the foundations, and now there preparing the wrecking ball (by invitation only) where they will strictly come dance the night away over our prostrate, forelock-tugging peasant bodies.

Bon voyage zombies.


Tom said...

so depressing, this crumbling man-made mess

Garth said...

The hope is that the reign of corrupt conservatism will soon be over