Saturday, October 21, 2017

An Innocent Man

I'm Starting to Work Up Some Anxiety About this Whole Thing ~ Dan Mumford

When we walk through a crowded thoroughfare the mind narrows its focus onto the destination; our usual facial recognition subroutine is disabled as unnecessary so that we see, but do not notice the faces around us - we are operating in a restricted bubble to prevent sensory overload.
The surveillance systems employed by those agencies set up to ‘protect’ us operate in the same way, with the exception that everything is recorded and tagged.
So imagine if you wanted to find out who that guy was who bumped into you yesterday on your way to catch the train home: if your mind operated in the same manner as the surveillance systems, you would be able to review that footage and pick out the guy’s face; phone number; address; medical records; sexual preference; political affiliations and so on… then go round to his place and exact revenge.
But you know what they say… If you haven’t done anything wrong, then you’ve nothing to fear.


Tom said...

every new day we're getting closer to the future

Garth said...

The future is N.O.W.