Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Dining with Cannibals - Secondo

It is in the nature of corruption that you don’t see it coming until you start losing your fingerprints.

The door cracks and Volere’s PA pops her head in.
“He wants to see you Mr Numbers”


In the sterile environment that constitutes a meeting there are few oportunities for Swann to open his mouth other than to justify some particular issue which requires his particular skill: the art of making plans to build things; planning. He is tolerated in these meetings because he can access the facts that inform the following important questions:

• How much will it cost?
• How long will it take?


He gets a look off JK and, hoping his whispered intercourse with Hobre, the HSE Manager, has not been overheard, opens his meeting notebook (black cover red spine) pretending to run through his facts in preparation for the grilling.

All-you-can-eat Capitalism

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