Friday, December 29, 2017

The Devil in Her

[Extracted from the files of Mark Time P.I.]

Smoke from my cigarette filters orange streetlight shafting through the venetian blinds, obscuring my silhouette; her eyes reflected that streetlight back at me.
On the street they call her Meph. Her mother, who named her Krystal, will have a cadenza if she finds out about the drugs.
Luckily for her, and for me perhaps, I was not hired to analyse her behaviour on the street but merely to find her and return her to the fold of the family mansion.


Garth said...

Happy 71st Birthday Patti Smith

Tom said...

I had to look up 'have a cadenza'. from here out (is there not another word for that?) i'll be using that instead of 'have a cow'.

Garth said...

Wise choice Tom; a cadenza is far more classy than a cow :)