Wednesday, January 03, 2018

Dining with Cannibals - Formaggio e Frutta

Some questions about ball bearings and bicycle gears

Our decision-making processes we perceive as digital:
Does the answer to this question satisfy the cause that asks the question?
Of course, this is simple if a yes/no (binary) answer is required of a this/that (binary) question.
For most of our decision-making processes do we have to employ a more complex digital tree of yes/nos?
So how do we weigh the yeses against the nos?
Does it come down to simple arithmetic - there are more yeses than nos - or is there something more complex involved, some analogue process that takes into account the whole of all our experience and all that our experience has made us to be?

Mr Numbers checks the figures on his tablet once again and raises his red-rimmed eyes to meet the blue emptiness of Alfred Volere’s.
“I can’t make this work Alfred, there are too many anomalies” his fingers swim across the perfectly clean glass screen, not visible to Volere, he connects via VPN to WstlBlwR,org’s uploading page.
“mmm, I am standing here wondering,” Volere’s gaze does not waver, “what exactly we are paying you for Mr. Numbers.”

All-you-can-eat Capitalism

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