Friday, February 23, 2018

Graffiti Shellfish

His tag reads BAD1 in clear tall and narrow letters with just enough curve and curl on the 1's shaft and little shelter to make it possible to read it as a Y, with a result that, from a distance, it could be read as BABY. And then coming closer you'd realise that the D is unmistakably a D, so then it's BADY.
Bady Grundy has been dealt some shitty cards but being called Shady Bady all through primary school has left an indelible mark.
The Christmas choo-choo still decorates Wee Ben's grave even though February is fast approaching; it's fading green and red livery leave a dry clutching at the back of Bady's jaw, as if he's going to vomit - or shit himself - or both.
He shakes the can with practised ease and sprays the little train silver.

Tales for an attention deficit world

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