Wednesday, March 28, 2018

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The Far Queue presents:


the best illusions that we make
are the ones that we don't fake
~ Warhaus 'The Good Lie' 2016

Daniel leans into the plough while the horse-winch whines to turn its spiked wheels across Muddyfield. Brown arcs spatter behind each wheel as they struggle to find purchase.
Clem and Alice follow at a distance prudent to the avoidance of any more mud on their clothes; their bodies bent double, planting.
Potatoes: The Clave’s staple source of nutrient and the root of much complaint, both in the growing and in the eating thereof.
“You want Utopia, go read a book,” shouts Clem above the horse-winch whine, “Thistopia demands work.”


Here we go again: I've completed 9 episodes so far, spawned a cast of more than I know what to do with and a world that's crumbling at the edges - who knows what happen next?

Creating in Analogue (when the digital is not available)

All going well, '38 Rue Utopia will appear in weekly episodes (spanning as long as I can hold it together) and hopefully conclude as a coherent whole - But I'm not promising anything.

I would love to hear your comments/critique on each episode as it happens, post on Blogger (rather than Facebook) as yourself or anonymously; whichever suits.

I've nicked the cover (obviously) - it was created by Peter Elson for Robert Heinlein's Double Star - neither Elson nor Heinlein are likely to give a shit so here's hoping their estates are not litigious


Letitia Coyne said...

So far, so good. :)

Garth said...

Thanks Letitia: as my mother used to say: Many a slip twixt cup and lip