Friday, April 13, 2018

'38 Rue Utopia ~ Ep.2

Death needs time for what it kills to grow in
~ William Burroughs ‘Ah Pook Is Here’ 1970-ish


Those old enough to have experienced direct sunlight tend to go all dreamy-eyed when the kids ask about it; describing the feeling of warmth against the skin as if it were a mystical experience. Ellie has vague memories of it from her infancy in the north, a place and time with memories of all the suppressed pain and anger of her formative years; the years before she became.
There is no record of the such mythology being attributed to those who remember seeing the moon in full bloom; perhaps since obstruction of the sun overshadows all whose beauty depends on reflected light.
Ellie doesn’t remember seeing the moon either, but both sun and moon occupy a special place in her mind and in her rituals, many of which rely on the associated cyclical forces that act unseen on the earth and its inhabitants.
Here at the crest of the hill the sky is so low and deep grey overhead that it seems she could reach up and touch it.
The mud that cakes her boots has made the long walk from the Clave more laborious, she trudges on with the aid of the staff that Gil spent months elaborating with his own brand of magic; whittled-in shapes and figures and hand-me-down Celtic symbols that give credence to the shamanic position in the Clave; that serve to reinforce the tenuous nature of coercion through belief.
Daniel is gonna kick up shit when he finds out what she’s planning, but it needs to be done if she’s gonna salvage anything from what they started in ’38.
Ellie digs the caked tip of the staff into the mud, a third leg to lean on, and gives thanks to Gaia that it’s stopped raining.

William Burroughs
Ah Pook is Here


Tom said...

a nice vibe to this one, but truth to tell, i'm getting sick of the rain

Garth said...

I'm with you on that one Tom - seems like winter's not ever gonna end.