Friday, May 11, 2018

'38 Rue Utopia ~ Ep.6

Give us our daily bread in individual slices
~ Elvis Costello ‘Pills and Soap’ 1983

Olivier Bonhomme

“I’m not trying to shut you down Mark, really” Joe sits on the commons kitchen table, his hands grasp the edge, his shoulders hunched to his ears.
“But I can’t win,” says Mark, “If I argue with you, you beat my argument down”
“And what?” says Joe “I can’t help it your argument is full of holes; should I let you continue believing in a conclusion reached through faulty logic?”
“All I’m saying,” Mark, elbows to waist; palms to the sky in a double-U with his heart at the centre, “is that we are the lucky ones, there’s folk out there living in anarchy”
“We’re all living in anarchy Mark, and we’re not the chosen; we’re not special; on the contrary: to argue with me while I spout my mouth off in attempt to make sense of all the shit we have to put up with every day, is your choice”
He’s not the messiah! He’s a very naughty boy: Marty in falsetto - quoting from a story that Lee had told him - to the chagrin of the ladies up the front who turn to give him hairy eyebrows.
“Like the man said” Joe nods at Marty.
Marty gets a glow from being referred to as a man rather than the clave boy they all like to boss around.
Up front, Delores and Gemma say nothing, their heads turned upward to hang on every word that falls from Joe’s lips.
“It’s important not to forget ourselves in the process of coping with the chaos of our lives, don’t shut down, keep the lights on, keep taking notice of everything; keep yourself an open wound”
Joe slides off the table and turns to the basins of dinner plates ready for the wash.
“Anybody gonna help me with this?”

Elvis Costello
Pills & Soap

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