Wednesday, May 02, 2018

A Dream of The Secret Agency


We kept showing our paperwork at different desks and they kept telling us that we did not have authorisation but we weren’t concerned; we were unafraid ‘cause we knew they were mistaken. After all, it was they who had provided us with the paperwork.
We were surrounded by agents.
Eventually a stern agent with red hair and a black dress gave our paperwork approval and handed us on to a genial agent in a beige coat who led us away towards a waiting car.
“Look out for the one with the locks” he said in a light-hearted tone, gesturing towards his passing colleagues.
“We all interpret the signifiers in different ways” I said and he laughed.
It was night and we drove up into the surrounding hills where the roads rose and fell through the outskirts of the city
We approached the far cliffs where a well-lit building in the style of the ancient Greeks loomed.
“What’s that?” he asked to our surprise as he steered the car towards it: surely everybody knows The Anatheum: it’s where the power lies.

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