Wednesday, June 06, 2018

Protect & Serve

Anyone who has not yet succumbed to the numbing arms of the Mainstream Media will be aware of the steady stream of brutal beatings and killings carried out by Amerikan police forces.
This is not exclusive to the great beast but is apparently more prevalent there.
Our first reaction is obviously horror and I often find myself wondering why they continue with these activities even in the light of being recorded on numerous phones and indeed on their own dash and body cameras, not to mention the all-pervading coverage by CCTV cameras.

Let me take you back to the one that shocked the world:
The Rodney King Beating
Watch it again and it becomes apparent that this was an event that was meant to be seen – at least 2 police cars illuminate the event in the cross beams of their headlights for all the passing motorists on the motorway.
This was meant to be seen; This is what they were saying to the black population of Amerika: we have the power and we will use it against you with impunity – you have been warned.

It seems to me that this is the continuing message since the cops involved are seldom punished more that ‘suspension pending investigation’

If you think Amerika has moved on from the days of segregation (not to mention the days of slavery) you’re sadly mistaken.

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