Wednesday, August 01, 2018


The Bad Sower ~ Gustave Van de Woestyne

O mother they wrote their history on your skin
Blue ink and red roses represented
Stripped away the beauty and the meaningfulness
Substituted amber with ambergris

Your portrait in oil and baroque misrepresentation

O mother the smell of their dark endeavour
Blue blood and reign, red roses represented
Strip joint diplomacy substituted for meaning
Switched amber for burnt umber

Your portrait in piss and dead vegetation

O mother the cries of their deep indignation
Blue tattoo on the red skin representing
Their sad strips of poor-me made meaningless
Changed tune from amber to umbrage

Your portrait in sack-cloth and ashes

O mother no silence in these verdigris cities
Blue calls of red insect colonies
Strip-mine the folly of their forever buildings
Switchback amber in temperatures mean

Your portrait in scales of the new

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