Wednesday, August 08, 2018

The Informant

Suburbs of a Paranoid Critical Town ~ Dali

Spooks in his peripheral: an ever-changing rota of anonymous faces, transient and ominous in their lack of obvious intent as they drive him into the corners where his worst traits loiter - the taste of his own shortcomings bitter in his mouth, the stains of his own misanthropic endeavours on hem of his coat.
Eric hugs the shadows, himself a spook in a world populated by oblivious automata in logo-sloganned uniforms; their dreams purchased on a regular basis from the production line of conformity; they stoke the furnaces that burn in individually sculpted and categorised hearts.
And traversing his rheumy vision a figure etched in smoke from the tip of his cigarette, a phantom in veils with arabesque hip and bejewelled belly, an X to his Y, a remedy a recompense, a ready answer to all his wants, an anchor for his insecurities.

Tales for an attention deficit world

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