Friday, October 12, 2018

'38 Rue Utopia ~ Ep.28

And you measure for wealth by the things you can hold
And you measure for love by the sweet things you're told
~ Rodriguez ‘Like Janis’ 1970

Jordan Ebbit

“How should I know who she travelled with or why?”
“You the one intro’d her to Giles”
“Look Farmie, she’s just some freak that I owed a favour to, so yes, she wanted to deal with Giles, I intro’d her direct, now we’re even”
The room smells of floral perfume and tantrums - an activity Peye’s well known for amongst the servicers. Nikos pulls an appropriately inappropriate face, looks around the room as if he might find the answers there, sniffs.
“Did she come in with anyone?”
“Didn’t I just tell you I didn’t see her come in”
Nikos takes the weight of this lack of intel and rattles it around his head for a while before losing it to the knot of disquiet in his solar plexus.
“Let me know if you hear anything on the floor”
He turns slowly to leave.
“I’m not part of your team, so fuck off and leave me alone”
He stops, turns back slower now.
“Just for the record Ms Peye, don’t ever call me a Farmie again”
He leaves the door open and heads downstairs.
Peye closes it quietly, distracted, turns to sit at the illuminated mirror, where tears assist the removal of her white stage face.

Like Janis

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