Friday, January 11, 2019

'38 Rue Utopia ~ Ep.41

Mark these words
One day this chalk outline will circle this city
~ The Mars Volta ‘Televators’ 2003

Cyborg ~ Mery Moon

“They’ll have had to come in through the Trade Gate,” says Daniel, “There’s no other road that’ll support the tractor. We’ll need to hack in there”
“What if they’ve seized the tractor the boys’ll be…”
“Don’t think so Alec, Bigmark has nothing to gain by doing the dirty on three youngsters, they like to keep up at least the appearance of legitimacy. My bet is that the they’ll’ve let the boys in with a trade visa. But we need to make sure”
They reach the Trade Gate in the early hours. Its presence is a floodlit scar in the surrounding dark. They creep into its penumbral perimeter, on their bellies now.
Daniel let’s out a breath as he connects to the gate’s wifi; the ignorant fuckers haven’t changed the password since way back then, nd the gate’s registry is still easy meat for Ellie’s old hacks.
Daniel scrolls through the entries:
“They came through 5 days ago… Trade Visa for Mark… they’ve all been chipped”
Daniel transfers the boys’ chip-metadata to his hardware leaving Bigmark’s AI unaware of his intrusion; an intrusion that Michael Caine would no doubt regard as theft. Daniel loads Mark’s meta into a tracker which supplies him with a map-overlay of Bigmark; Mark’s position blinks blue towards the centre. The map overlay is dated May ’36 but how much could this place have changed since then? Daniel covers his eye so the light from display flickering on his retina doesn’t alert the gate’s visual sensors.
“They’re in Bigmark proper, looks like the warehouse district,” he whispers, “we need to head into town”

The Mars Volta

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