Sunday, March 29, 2020

View from the Treetops (29 Mar '20)

Should we talk about the weather?

Flurries of hail in Lewisham this morning; Bitter cold on Blackheath common.
While the unprecedented fury of storms Ciara & Dennis (Jorge never really showed up to party) raged from the south west in a mini-rehearsal for the current lockdown; today's unnamed windy weather comes from the north east – the NNE to be precise – bringing with it a breath of the Arctic.

Should we talk about the government?

Seems to me that those who we trust to run our country are keeping their heads down for the moment. Apart from stealing credit for the “NHS applause event” they scurry about in their managerial way, spewing pseudo-science and war references.

Hello, my friend, are you visible today?

Municipal decrees have taped off the exercise and play areas in the parks (understandable action based on info given) – The Stooges No Fun loud in my buds distract me from the strangeness of our lives here on the cusp of tomorrow.
(If ever vampires turn out to be real, Iggy will be a prime suspect)

Photos by Pisces Iscariot
Headings by R.E.M. (Pop Song '89)

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