Thursday, March 30, 2006


Dali - Christ of St John of the Cross

The Minister stood before the crowded church, open bible on one palm, finger tapping the page.
The words delivered from his mouth were carried over the heads of the congregation by undulating waves of righteousness. Words that I found impossible to hold onto, slipping past my understanding like motes of dust in a sunbeam.
I turned my head slowly to watch my Mother’s enraptured face, hoping that the Minister would not notice my lack of attention. I wondering what she found here that made her so uncharacteristically happy.
I wondered if it were possible to be damned before you even grow up; I tried not to think about Hell and about dying, tried to move my thoughts away from the fear that welled inside my heart.
Returning my gaze to the front, I leaned forward on my arms and kicked my legs back and forth. I imagined I could see a blue aura around the young minister. My mother had told me that this man was a good man, a born-again. My Father had said nothing; I wandered if my Father too was damned for not attending church.


littlebitofsonshine said...

Me Myself i find most churchs if not so full of bull it sad.Thay say walk a path as Jesus yeat get fat like a cow from the so called sins of others i think more need to read his actions then another humans traslations cause if thay walked as he did or belived as Jesus he was a Jew He never said worship me never said he came to change his fathers laws never judged a common man never told anyone he was going to hell he came and forgave humans of there sins and he came to show a forgiving love not hell and damnation so if you ask me all the little ones and ones who walk away from false preast and preachers who sin all week and judge on the weekend yall be just fine .Cause you can only know what you have been taught and sence its your soul not theres only you know what,s wrong for you .Be safe walk in peace allways

elasticwaistbandlady said...

Very introspective pisces, it explains a lot about you. My only problem with Church is my own irreverence. We never sit at the front because the Church leaders would see me poking at my kids and whispering crazy things to them, and sharing the coloring book with my toddlers. Highway to Hell!!!!