Friday, March 31, 2006

Foreign Objection - A Log in my Eye

There is a nationalist obsession with the pure blood; tradition and flags – foreigners are to be distrusted, their motives are always a threat to the old status quo; send them all back to where they came from, black Paki bastards; kaffirs; queers; niggers, feminists; spics; liberals; wops; yids and infidels, stealing our jobs and our women, taking away what belongs to us.
It's ignorance that blinds us from the fact that we’re all from somewhere else; all descendant from some plunderer, some poor immigrant, some migrant worker, some colonial infidelity.
The empires rise and fall and leave us in their wake; washed up mongrels on some foreign shore, fighting to keep what we’ve stolen from the previous empire or seething with anger at what’s been taken from us.
History is a lie.
Geography is a lie – arbitrary lines drawn on the map of empire.
Call me a cynical monkey if you like, but the Twenty-first Century ethos seems to be that all this shit is okay so long as the market is fed, so long as the big pressure groups – Christians; Jews; oil barons; arms dealers and money launderers – cough up the millions required to elect the next president of the U.S. fucking A. An Empire in decline with its rotten underbelly unashamedly exposed for those who wish to see.
You’re deluding yourself if you think that payback is not imminent.
The colonies have had enough, they have always seen through your bullshit, now they speak out against you despite your punitive repercussions; they rise against you, they kick you in the balls while you protect yourself with a bullet-proof vest. And like all bullies, you yelp in surprise at the pain, unable to believe that action against you can be justified; you strike back with the force of your bully muscle, attempting to turn back the sea, to shoot the sky; and to justify your actions by invoking god’s backing – the same god you invented to scare and dissuade the uprising of your own poor and the oppressed before enlisting them in your crusading army.
We’re all from somewhere else – we’re all immigrants.


Pocho said...

This is good pisces. Perhaps the best I've seen here. It more than an excersize in words. It comes from the heart, which feels and cries out, rather than the brain, which treats the world as a game played with words. It goes to the core. That is part of what radical means. The other part is what to do about it. This is the best we can and get away with through use of this medium, cut to the core and lay bare what is seen but often disguised and covered with diverting words. But there are other media though which people can act. What we write in this contributes to giving cause and courage in helping others act in theirs.

Pisces Iscariot said...

The manipulation of words is very important. It is through the weighing and manipulation of words that the system is able to function against the wishes of the many. We need to use these tools to uncover.
Much of what we do and see out here in the ether is ego driven (I do not exclude myself from this) and we should not kid ourselves that we make a difference.
We are preaching to the converted.
If you watch your sitemeter you will notice that those that pass through from blog to 'next blog' do not stop to read.
The only ones that come are those who we ourselves contact by wandering thru this maze looking for something that interests us.
There are millions of blogs out there and a large proportion of them are vacant. Many are alive with wild and bold thoughts (not all of them coherent, but alive none the less.) Many exude a sense of discontent.
Perhaps putting our words out here make us feel important; perhaps our words are important - I'm not sure.
I am not a revolutionary (not in the sense that it has come to mean); I do not support violence; it is the tool of unscrupulous men; it is innacurate and amoral; it feeds on itself.
Change must come from within for there to be any long term effect.
The use of words is very important.

elasticwaistbandlady said...

I hate it when I can't remember a quote exactly but it goes something like, "He who controls the battle of words wins the war". When you think of the manipulative and slimy media only reporting what they deign news worthy, that adage rings true. It is fact that people are riveted to stories of white girls disappearing. Missing black girls do not get press coverage.

Now, as for the rest, my mischievous Mexican husband, Papi, told me that all this immigration outcry is funny to him because Hispanics already won the war. Papi said that they didn't need guns or heavy artillery because they came in, made love to American women, and are now posed to take over our country through love. I raised my voice to protest, but then noticed our spawn of six kids and cringed with the realization of truth.

elasticwaistbandlady said...

Upon further reflection, perhaps I should start to refer to my husband as, 'The Conquistador Of Love'. Sometimes, action speaks louder than words!