Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Cold Feet

The pond was cold and surprisingly deep beside the worn path where footsteps seldom fell in the chill of late summer nights.
She lay at the bottom looking up at the moon, its full circle distorted and filtered through the gills of eight metres of water; murky and abundant with microscopic life that floated like dust in the blue light. The digital silence allowed nothing to enter her ears; not even the sound of a bubble that rose from her gut to break the pond’s bright surface; not even white noise.
It was late September but she knew that her name was still June and that Mars had taken something from her; something more than blood.
The knife that he’d drawn from the sheath strapped to his ankle and the engorged flesh, already unsheathed, that he’d used to take what he had no right to take without her consent, where more than just weapons; they were objects of change.
Extract from 'Markov Chain'.
...a work in progress

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Pocho said...

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