Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Rolling Stoned

The carnival is in town; the carnival of twenty-first century dreams.
Roll up folks, roll up for wonder drugs and genetically modified fathers; for freaks who foresee a new world order, where money rules; talking guns and listening walls; the hierarchy of salesmen; roll up, roll up, we got ‘em all folks.
Roll up for the race of beings that function adequately without need for thought; for the bearded lady; the oestrogen fish and the child prodigy (poor kid).
Roll up for the snake-tongued preacher and his suicidal acolytes; child killers and morally superior bankers; for those who’ve been left behind and those who wish to be left behind, for those who strive to be at the head of the stampede and those who prefer to be trampled (as long as there's money to be made).
Roll up for terrorists (no more freedom fighters); for insurgents and militants; for fundamentalists, Judeo-Christian and Islamic, pig-headed world leaders and the words ‘trust me’.
Roll up, but keep your eyes peeled for the CIA; MI5; IOU and paranormal paranoia.
Roll up for Middle East oil and right-wing activism. Right-wing activism?
Roll up, folks, take a free sample; it’ll tantalise your taste buds, it’ll tickle your fantasy, it’ll suck you dry. Let your friends and children know – the carnival is in town: and it’s downhill all the way.

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littlebitofsonshine said...

I can do nothing but smell them i have friends on the net i have not heard from who live in many them areas around the world and thay gone because of people forcing differnces and not seeing the samness or having tolerances thanks for your words tho